LinkedIn’s Top 4 Hacks You Should Know About

Circa 2002, LinkedIn was founded by front men Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Eric Ly, and Konstantin Guericke with Jean-Luc Valliant. Microsoft, its parent organization helped launch it in May 2003 as a Business & Employment oriented social networking service. The California based organization operates through the website and mobile applications.

Since its launch, LinkedIn has proven to be fruitful for various entrepreneurs and job-seeking individuals. Today, it is a thriving community of thousands of users networking every second in and out. It serves them with permitting connections with others of similar interests, professions & mutual people.

LinkedIn profiles are segregated into three levels, Beginner, Intermediate & All Star. Each one of these levels gradually steep up in the social pool on LinkedIn. The levels go up when accurate information provided and filling out the maximum required details which grants you the right exposure. This permits access to various services.

Even though it is a very user-friendly interface, there are certain ways on how you can make the most of the services.  Scroll down to know about the LinkedIn hack that will allow you to do just that.

1.Obtain the Social Selling Index (SSI)

The LinkedIn profile is inspected by Social Selling Index (SSI) that provides optimized profile reports based on basic measurements of its health. It also determines your top rank industry wise and their position amongst the network. SSI is generated with the LinkedIn database on your active hours and post activity. To maintain a perfect SSI, it isn’t necessary to but is advised to maintain a score of about 80, which is crucial when it comes down to improve LinkedIn profile – provided you are looking for a job in social media, then demonstrating skills will be the next step.

Check your LinkedIn profile’s SSI here.

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2. Breaching the E-mail Requirement Wall

The system requires you to provide an e-mail while connecting with some people on LinkedIn as a proof that you know these contacts and aren’t spamming them with connection invites. If not provided with the required information, the invite is instantly shut down. However, the mobile version will less likely lead you to this wall. It will forward your invite without blocking them. This wall can be crossed in another way; if it’s through groups. If you share a group with the person of interest then you can message them without sending an invite by following the steps below.


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3. Do NOT promote competitors

When you are browsing through people’s LinkedIn profiles, ever noticed the ‘People Also Viewed’ suggestion on the right hand of the page? This is where you see people who often are your competitors. It indicates that they rank the same as you with strong profiles also that they offer the same services as you do and more. Which is why following the steps mentioned below will help you stop them from hoarding your business.

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4. Download LinkedIn database from the profile

Have you used the database for LinkedIn contacts stored by exporting them to a CSV File from the Contact Settings page on the LinkedIn desktop site? The exported file will hold the contact’s full name, e-mail address, current position & employer. You can also download the list of all your connections by requesting your LinkedIn account’s data.

However, you can’t export the list of contacts who aren’t 1st degree connections, yet.

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Let us know if the mentioned LinkedIn hacks work for you & suggest us if you know some hacks yourselves that you think we missed out.