Integrated Marketing – A Branding Solution

In this buzz era where there is information freely available on multiple platforms, it is important that there is a good lineage between them. Integrated marketing is to push every effort where the overall communication of the product/brand is in a consistent, seamless and multi-dimensional manner. Considering a holistic approach, which engages the customer and creates instant recall forms the basis of integrated marketing.

When a brand uses the same base content i.e. the same storyline on its different platforms and then builds a link between them to create its full story, is called integrated marketing. With this approach, the audience feels more connected to the brand on a personal level since there is high visibility and engagement across platforms. To reaffirm how each platform can impact the overall marketing campaign, lets take look at an example of the following statistics – Google alone gets 100 billion searches a month, Instagram has around 800 million users across the world, while there are around 2 billion active users on Facebook, which clearly depicts what reach each platform can generate. The best example which explains this sort of marketing was adopted by the movie “The Dark Knight”.

A case study on the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ integration across various platforms is as follows:

They first posted an arrest warrant for “the Batman” on the Warner Bros website, which was followed by a press release which explained the warrant, stating Batman left graffiti all over the world and that to see this trailer the fans will have to work for it. They had to find the physical pieces of graffiti from around the world and upload them on social media or send it across to their team via emails. Once all the pieces were gathered, a new trailer was launched.

The idea behind such an approach where all platforms like social media, websites, emails, press releases etc. were used, was to create the same buzz across all platforms, engage them in the same flow and develop the brand story firmly.

When we create the same buzz across different platforms, the idea behind is to build good customer engagement and traffic towards the main target platform. Say for instance when we see a Flat 50% off in a Vero Moda advert on Facebook, we make sure to visit their website to get more information on the sale. Once on their website, we check which products are on sale, check its timings etc. and accordingly we plan to re-visit the website on the day of the sale. Such an approach where the customers get linked from one platform to the other and finally carries out what we expected of them, is exactly what integrated marketing is all about.

The latest trend of using the integrated digital approach, is to update on the day to day life of the brand via different mediums like Instagram stories, Facebook Live chats, YouTube Videos etc., which essentially all talk about the same base content or story but in a different manner, with a goal to direct them to a single destination platform. This will help fabricate a strong brand recall since the audience feels connected on a personal level. Based on Consumer buying behaviour, majority of buying decisions about a brand are based on how a consumer relates to that brand on a personal level. This overall increases the followers, call to actions, subscriptions and other actions which directly impact the ROI.

Thus, to keep your audience in line with your overall marketing campaign it is important to keep them in link about the happenings across various channels. For, if you keep feeding them with totally new concepts on different platforms at the same time, they will keep guessing as to what the brand stands for and never have a proper brand recall. The future for every business, be it local or an MNC, is to drive an impactful marketing strategy which integrates every platform in such a way that the brand story is built step by step.