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Digital Marketing techniques for Pre-schools

Are you looking for enrolment numbers at your preschool? Then it might be time to look into some new advertisement ideas for your preschool.

Parameters like school branding, quality of teaching, pricing and activities are the crucial keys for parents while narrowing down their search for a suitable preschool.

Online or Digital Marketing, call it as you like, has helped parents reach their ideal choices of preschools and daycares suitable for their child’s growth and nourishment.

If you refer the numbers below, you would notice the exponential growth in searches on average per month PAN Maharashtra.


(Preschool) - Maharashtra



(Daycare) - Maharashtra

Check the results for PAN India. Impressive, right?



(Preschool) - India


(Daycare) - India


Here are some cool ideas you could implement:


1) Improve Web Presence

These days, every query’s answer is Google. Likewise, any parent, today, turns to Google for answers. It is a most likely scenario that parents would prefer preschool websites that appear on the first pages of Google.

Find ways to market your preschool online so that parents search for preschools online and find you. Google ranks websites on the basis of multiple factors. It takes time but incorporating Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to your promotion plan will surely boost your online presence.

If you value time over money and need immediate results, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising might be the most suitable option. However, if you wish to pop on the first page of search result then consider using PPC and SEO in parallel with quality content as a long-term marketing plan.

Google Adwords is also an essential tool to generate pure leads. Pump funds in and results will be reflected instantly depending on the keywords. The quality of your leads will be extracted from the right demographic at the right time; it literally narrows down the prospect audience to your business.

Start a promotional campaign easily with advanced features that the tool offers you.

2) Interest the parents in digital activities via social media

Rent spaces and run advertisements throughout the day or more. Also, activities such as educational quizzes for parents on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn could be executed to keep them invested and develop a communicative brand image.

For e.g. generate a motivating social post and ask the parents to share it with a special hashtag or provide a sense of achievement by any preferred ways to the first 10-20 people who shared the post!

3) E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is terrific at maintaining contact with your current as well as existing parents who are subscribed to your services. It is a terrific method for small budget marketing. Email marketing allows you to keep your network of contacts up-to-date on your business and activities for children.

It also can include upcoming events and promotions that you may offer. Be sure to keep your emails, concise and relevant to your audience and to the point.

Mailchimp & ContantContact are amongst the top rates services for email marketing and newsletters.

4) Build Reputation for your Brand

As the child is young to handle and working parents have relatively limited time to spend with their child. Which is why preschool has become the most preferred option amongst parents.

Portray your vision with regards to children and their development transparently, it’ll help build trust and your brand will be known for delivering solutions to every parent’s concern instead of just another name in the lot.

Let us know about your ways and methods that you deem efficient, share them with us in the section below.