6 Smart Ways to Transform Email Marketing in 2018

Email marketing, a service to integrate communication from businessmen’s end with the current and new customers. It has become an essential and a very cost-effective method to test marketing content, including visual, creative, marketing copy, and multimedia assets.

It is also essential to understand the insights of how email marketing works to lead a successful campaign. Similarly, it is also crucial to understand and imply the following bullets in an email to make it reach effectively to the desired recipients.


1. Make the ‘Recipient’ the hero of the email, always.

A marketing email is about the customer, about entailing them in the context and purpose of the mail. Never deviate focus away from them, ever. Make them feel special and valued.


2. Address the recipients by their first names.

Adding ‘Dear’ & ‘Respected Sir’ might work on your aunts and 1st-grade teachers but when it comes to marketing, think of them as your colleague or a friend. It helps set a personal and ‘no-formality’ tone to relate better.


3. Hours to swear by to engage the recipients.

Constructing an email is the hardest job but dropping that email into the inbox of the recipients at the right hours is a smart job. Easy, at that. Always send emails during working hours i.e. 8-10am or after working hours. Try it, totally works.


4. Avoid jargons and content that doesn’t add a personal touch.

Keep the language simple and flowy. Nobody wants to refer to the Dictionary every now and then to deduce the agenda of the email.

Add a little personal touch to the body of your emails too. E.g. Mentioning the recipient’s achievements or contribution towards a latest project/product/service is a good place to start with.


5. Never assign tasks. I repeat, Never.

People hate it when they’re asked to shuffle between screens. They need content, short, simple and straightforward. Do not send in links or PDFs to your company profile. Two sentences describing your USP and how does your company/ organization/institution is benefiting the recipient. Any more than two sentences will bore the reader.


6. Marketing Automation – Tool that’ll save you heaps of trouble, literally.

Marketing automation, a significantly important tool that brings it all together. It is a terrific technology that includes analytics, online forms, tracking what people do when they come to your website, personalizing website content, managing email campaigns, facilitating the alignment of sales and marketing through lead scoring and automated alerts to salespeople.


A bonus point, Test!


Always run multiple tests to understand if combinations of the suggested ways work for you. Feel free to implement your own ideas too. Like I said, Personal touch always works.


Do write to us if you require any further help, we’d love to help.